Where are the Hurricane Skeptics?

ImageLet me see if I have this straight. A group of scientists predicts that a “monster hurricane” is going to hit the East Coast, and based on nothing more than the strength of their predictions governors up and down the coast declare states of emergency, mobilize the National Guard and prepare evacuation orders. Meanwhile, the Navy orders ships out to sea, utility companies warn of massive outages and we spend tens of millions of dollars on storm preparations. Yet, when a similar group of scientists predicts that global warming is going to happen, we do nothing.

ImageNow, if I were a hurricane skeptic, I could easily argue that all this preparation is foolish. The scientists aren’t sure. It’s all based on computer simulations and spotty data. They can’t even pin down precisely where the storm will make land-fall. It could be anywhere from Virginia to New England. Have you seen their spaghetti maps? First they said it was going to hit Sunday, then they changed it to Monday. Who knows? Maybe it won’t come until Tuesday. Sure, they say the storm might cause up to $billion  in damage, but can we really be sure? Obviously we need more studies to eliminate the uncertainty before we spend any tax payer dollars on their unproven forecasts.

Darrell Issa (R)

It could all be a conspiracy. Those weather “scientists” might just be using this as a way to get more money for research and satellites. I’ll bet all that “research” is being funded by the sandbag industry. They’re probably sitting at their computers right now, sending off emails to each other about ways to deceive the public. It’s just a bunch of liberal, elitist alarmists. Republican Representative Darrell Issa and Republican Senator James Inhofemay want to hold congressional hearings to get at the truth behind this Sandy scandal. Maybe they could label it Stormgate.

James Inhofe (R)

On the other hand, what if it’s not some sort of eco-scam. Maybe the hurricane is going to hit and we should listen to the scientists. Sometimes it makes sense to prepare for the worst, even if there is some uncertainty. Of course, if that’s true, we might have to admit that the scientists do know what they are talking about. Their computer models are accurate. They’re not just a bunch of meteorological charlatans out to further their own political agendas, but instead, they’re highly trained professionals, acting ethically, precisely the way scientists are supposed to act.

If that’s true of meteorologists, what if it’s true of climate scientists as well? Wouldn’t it make more sense to take their warnings seriously too, and do something now, before the worst happens?


2 thoughts on “Where are the Hurricane Skeptics?

  1. M Law

    Of course it’s contrived. Hurricanes have always happened and always will. Thirty some years ago Hurricane David came through the Northeast US as a powerful tropical storm. A few fatalities occurred among the tens of millions of North-easterners. Everyone simply went to work the next day. My parents did not panic, rather they ignored it. I as a kid thought it was really cool.
    Oh, I forgot. They didn’t invent contrived terms like Frankenstorm and urge the masses to buy bread and milk as if bread and milk will somehow defend you from the famine that results each time there’s a rainstorm or snow.
    Killer “Frankenstorms” and man made Global Warming are both contrived ideas to convince the idiot masses to panic and ask the government to save them from some Boogeyman. Much like the contrived War on Terror and Drugs.
    Hurricanes aren’t new and they aren’t getting stronger or more frequent. Many times more people died in hurricanes a century ago than today. Global Warming is just a cycle, the warm cycle peaked in 1999. Snowstorms won’t kill you even if you don’t buy milk. Your chances of being killed by hurricanes, snow, or terrorists is about as likely as you hitting the Powerball.
    Oh, I forgot. The experts say, Panic! The Boogeyman is coming. Maybe we should declare martial law.

    1. mad4science

      The reason more people died from hurricanes 100 years ago is because they had little to nothing in the way of building codes or emergency response, not because the storms were stronger back then. Now we have weather satellites and weather radar (put in place by the federal government and paid for by tax payers) that allow us to predict the paths of storms days in advance. 100 years ago people were taken by surprise when the storm hit and many died as a result.

      Global warming is not a plot or a scheme. It is scientifically verifiable reality, supported by decades of research, mountains of data and 97% of climate scientists worldwide. Hurricanes are fueled by warm water. That’s why the tend to start in the tropics. As ocean temperatures rise, there is more energy for the storm and it gets bigger and stronger. This is simple physics.


      Again, this is not a plot.. It is reality. You can choose not to believe it, just like you can choose not to believe in gravity, but that doesn’t make gravity or global warming go away.

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